Question: Was "The Mothman Prophecies" movie from Sony Pictures based on true events like the credits claim? Answer: Yes. Although, the facts in the movie fell short of revealing the entire truth of what actual happened in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Q: Was the movie filmed in Point Pleasant, WV? A: No. Most of the movie was shot in Kittanning, PA. The reasons the producers gave for this is that the production crew was based in Pittsburgh, near Kittanning. This cut production costs. Q: What were the main aspects of the Mothman phenomena? A: The Mothman sightings, The Men in Black experiences, Crop Circles, Cattle Mutilations and UFO sightings. Q. When did all this happen? A. The Mothman was sighted in Point Pleasant, WV and surrounding areas by over 100 people total from November 15th 1966 to December 15th 1967. Q. Were there any pictures taken of The Mothman? A. No, This all happened in a period of time that cameras were not prevalent like they are today. Cameras were for special occasions. People didn't carry cameras around in the late 1960's like today when people have one on their cell phone. "The Creature" Most eyewitnesses described the creature as a muscular man, approximately 7 feet tall; some said bat like wings and some said feathered wings with approximately 10-12 feet when spread. The eyes are described as being bright-red and hypnotizing. In the presence of the creature, eyewitness describe being "frozen" with fear. "Those eyes.." witness Linda Scarberry would quote this quite often during interviews. "The Bird" Eyewitness Tom Ury saw it during the day, he first thought it was a helicopter coming over the horizon, but then realized it was a huge bird, he went to the police department to report what he had seen. The Men in Black The Men In Black were thought to be by some witnesses possibly alien or government agents. They were not the Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith version of Men In Black. The Men In Black that visited Point Pleasant threatened the lives of people. A young woman was the victim of an attempted abduction by two of these Men In Black, she tried to drive away and they attempted to pull her out of her moving car. Her blouse sleeve was ripped off. Her boyfriend later found her hiding in her bedroom unwilling to talk about the event.